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VINCat is a program of the Catalan Health Service established a unified surveillance system of nosocomial infections in hospitals in Catalonia.
Its mission is to help reduce the rates of these infections through active and ongoing surveillance.

  • Surveillance of Health Care Associated Infections in Catalonia (Spain): The VINCat Program (01.07.2015)
    The VINCat is a programme of the Catalan Health Service that establishes a unified surveillance system for nosocomial infections at Catalan hospitals. Its mission is to contribute to the reduction of the prevalence of these infections through active and ongoing epidemiological surveillance. The programme is based on the work undertaken by the professionals of the multidisciplinary infection control teams at Catalan hospitals and includes the following major new surveillance objectives: 1. Surveillance of global nosocomial infection and process indicators 2. Surveillance of bacteraemic infection 3. Surveillance of surgical infection 4. Surveillance of nosocomial infection in ICUs 5. Surveillance of organisms with specific antibiotic resistance problems 6. Standardised monitoring of hospital antimicrobial consumption 7. Surveillance of infections at social health centres 8. Surveillance of infections in paediatric and neonatal units 9. Surveillance of hand hygiene at Catalan hospitals
  • Avui (15/12/2007) (29.02.2000)